Alex McCombie – Tobi Hannah Dress Shoot

Alex McCombie in a Tobi Hannah wedding dress

Alex McCombie – Tobi Hannah Dress Shoot

The hauntingly beautiful Abney Park Cemetry provided a stunning setting for our shoot with striking bride Alex McCombie. Alex’s gorgeous red wedding dress was designed by the fabulous Tobi Hannah, who also designed unique dresses for each of Alex’s 10 bridesmaids. When Tobi told us the story of Alex’s dress we knew we had to shoot it. Alex & her fianc√© tragically lost everything – their home, their possessions, old photographs – during the London Riots in Summer 2011, after rioters set fire to their building. Fortunately, Alex’s wedding dress survived the blaze, as Tobi had kept it in the studio. Alex performed a moving acoustic set during the shoot, referring to the London riots & the impact they are still having on Londoners.

You can hear Alex’s song about the London riots at :¬†
Alex McCombietwitter: @alexmccombie

You can find Tobi Hannah at :
Tobi Hannah on twitter @tobihannahlabel


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