Toby & Hannah

Our Story

We knew each other when we were 16, when Hannah was wearing backless tops & Toby was in a Nirvana tribute band. 12 years later we met in Sainsbury’s car park & Toby worked that magic line, “Shall we shop together?” We didn’t share a trolley but we discovered a mutual love of photography, music, travel & film. The backless tops are (thankfully) long gone but the guitar collection is still growing. We got married in France in 2016 and live in Matlock, Derbyshire on the edge of the Peak District, which is the perfect place to go on long walks with our gorgeous, scruffy dog, Buddy. We set up Red on Blonde in 2012 and the name is a play on one of our favourite Bob Dylan albums, ‘Blonde on Blonde’. Toby is the red half.


Tea guzzling biscuit dunker. Drinks a healthy 10 cups a day!

Has a mini man crush on Bradley Cooper

Loves conquering a big hill / mountain on his bicycle

Would fill the whole house with guitars.

Has a healthy obsession with houseplants

Born and semi-raised in Newcastle. The Geordie twang has almost entirely disappeared but ask him to say “Italy”…


Plays Bruce Springsteen on repeat.

Speaks French like an actual French person

Dances wildly, mostly in the kitchen.

Would always choose crisps over chocolate.

Loves a holiday and is usually planning the next one before she gets home.

Would have been a safari guide in another life.

How we shoot

We shoot in a natural, documentary style, capturing moments as they really are; moments that tell your story. For us, weddings are all about the people and your photos will be filled with the characters, relationships, feelings and connections that make your world. On a wedding day we experience some of the most intimate moments in our couples’ lives; watch people in love, bursting with pride, expressing their deepest emotions. letting go all over the dance floor & having the time of their lives. We want to help you bottle all these emotions, in photos that remind you of the big moments but also those smaller, unplanned moments in between. We won’t press pause or ask you to re-create something, we won’t interfere in your day.

We want you to be in the moment, enjoying every minute. Big lenses from miles away just don’t cut it for us. We’ll shoot from close quarters and get inside your story, pretty much as extra guests with cameras, so your photos remind you exactly how it felt to be there. We will, of course, take a few family photos at your request and we’ll find a good time to sneak off for some portraits of the two of you. We know you’ll be keen to get back to the party, so we’re pretty speedy. We keep portrait time relaxed, fun and as natural as possible. No cheesy poses or smiling at the camera. We look for some beautiful light, go for a wander and let you be you.

Love what you see? We’d love to shoot your wedding