A Photo Booth, Only Cooler


Gifbooth is the next generation in photo booths. Your guests can create fun, fast-paced, animated GIF files, to capture all the party action. They receive them via SMS & can share via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. After the wedding you’ll receive an online gallery and all the digital files from Gifbooth, so the fun keeps on coming. Gifbooth is sleek, compact, super-stylish and looks awesome in every venue.

Easy to Use

Gifbooth is super easy to use, with just the touch of a button, which means everybody can join the fun. The sparkly lights and vintage-inspired easel hook ’em in and soon every guest’s a Gifmaster.

Go Anywhere

Gifbooth is small and portable. If wifi or power isn’t available then Gifbooth has its own 4G hotspot and battery, so it can go places a regular photo booth can’t – beaches, barns, fields. There’s no limits.

Instant Sharing

Record a GIF, dial in your phone number and receive an INSTANT text message with your GIF. Share them on Facebook, Instagram, twitter & snapchat. The GIFs are also uploaded instantly to a live online gallery for you to download after the event.

Get Gifbooth for Your Wedding

50% Discount
Add it to your Package for Just £250


What’s included?


  • 2 Hours Gifbooth Action
  • Bespoke online GIF gallery
  • Unlimited GIFs uploaded instantly to you online gallery
  • Instant guest access to their GIFs
  • Custom Text Message with each GIF
  • Custom hashtag for your event
  • Unlimited Sharing on Social Media
  • Digital download of all GIFs after your event
  • Battery power available if no mains available
  • 1 Year online access to your GIF gallery

*Offer available exclusively to Couples who book Red on Blonde to photograph their day.

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