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We’d be too sad for your photos to be lost to a digital-only fate, stuck in a drawer somewhere on a USB. And who’ll be using USBs in 10 years’ time?! You can’t get that beginning, middle and end feeling in one photo above the mantelpiece. We design Fine Art Albums to tell your wedding story, from morning prep, right through to the dance floor, with the big hero moments but also your favourite unscripted shots inbetween. Beautifully printed albums are the future-proof way of resharing your wedding photos. Having a book filled with your favourite memories that you can crack open any time and re-live one of the best days of your life is a must-have! That’s why we’ve chosen these premium quality books that will last a lifetime and longer.

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Books For Keeps

Your Fine Art Album has supremely thick pages that are made to be turned by many hands for lots of years and archival-quality printing that won’t fade. The images are printed directly onto the page, which gives them a more modern, less traditional edge. Your book is uniquely created in a collaborative process, where you choose the photos you’d like to include and we carefully curate your collection and design the bespoke layout for you. You can choose basically any colour leather or cotton cover, to match your wedding palette & your names and wedding date / venue can be foiled / debossed / written in gold etc. Your album will then be hand-crafted in Yorkshire, encased in your chosen cover and shipped to you.

It’s a great idea to pre-order your album when you book your package with us, as it locks it in at the current pricing & it means you’ll have something fun to look forward to creating after your wedding. You can also order an album through us any date before or after your wedding.

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