The Experience

So what will it be like, having us and our cameras around all day?

Hopefully like you’ve invited a couple of extra mates with a bit of a passion for photography. Our biggest compliment at weddings is when your guests ask us how we know you. This is our ultimate goal – we want to blend right into your day and be accepted as part of your crew, so you can all crack on with enjoying yourselves and trust that we’re getting the good stuff. This helps everybody to feel relaxed and at ease with us taking their picture, so we can capture people unawares in authentic moments.

But just so you know, whilst we may appear calm & relaxed on the surface, we’re also professional experts, who don’t stop paddling very hard and pouring our hearts and souls into your wedding; watching people; anticipating moments and reactions; capturing moments that tell your story.

For us, weddings are all about you two and your people and your photos will be filled with the characters, relationships, feelings and connections that make your world. On a wedding day we experience some of the most intimate moments in our couples’ lives; watch people in love, bursting with pride, expressing their deepest emotions, letting go all over the dance floor & having the time of their lives. We want to help you bottle all these emotions, in photos that remind you of the big moments but also those smaller, unscripted moments in between.

Big lenses from miles away just don’t cut it for us. We’ll shoot from close-ish quarters and get inside your story, so your photos remind you exactly how it felt to be there.

We stick to natural light for the majority of the day, to instil your images with the ambience and atmosphere of your wedding day.


The Perfect Blend

We’re not heavily swayed by trends and we don’t like to pigeonhole ourselves with labels. We want to give your photos the feel of a classic film that looks awesome now but that will still resonate in fifty years’ time; so we blend documentary with a dash of editorial styles. We don’t go heavy on post production or mad filters either. We like colour but we’ll also deliver some black and white, where we feel an image lends itself to this. Although for most of the day we’ll be taking a documentary approach, with candid, creative images that tell your story, we also feel there’s an important place for a few family / group photos & some shots of the two of you hanging out.

No crazy video gear. We are not filming the next Hollywood blockbuster.

Our videos are shot in the same way, with a documentary, storytelling approach. We film on the same cameras, so most of the time you’ll have no idea whether we’re capturing photos or video footage. Our style is discreet and unobtrusive. We keep our equipment minimal, so we can capture real moments and emotions without turning your wedding venue into a film set. There are no cranes or crazy lighting rigs and zero posing or performing to camera is required.


The no-posing portraits

We don’t really pose people, honest!! So many of our couples mention that they’re apprehensive about their couples portraits but afterwards talk about how easy it was and even go as far as saying it was one of their favourite parts of their day; the only time they got to hang out just the two of them for 10 minutes, soak it all up and reflect on the day and the crazy thing that just happened! 

We keep portrait time relaxed, fun and as natural as possible. No cheesy poses or gazing down the lens. We look for some beautiful light, go for a wander and let you be you.

As soon as you start telling people where to put their arm or how to hold their partner it all just feels a bit awkward and unnatural. We find that when you get to be yourselves, chatting & walking, checking out your venue, it creates images that reflect you and your personalties. 

We know you’ll be keen to get back to the party, so we’re pretty speedy. Couple portraits usually take place over 2 windows, no more than 10-15 minutes long.


The Group Photos

We know from our own wedding that these have an important place, especially for certain family members!! So, whilst we don’t recommend that you have 20 different combos of posed family shots and spend your entire reception standing in a line waiting for Auntie Maureen, who’s popped to the loo, we’re definitely here for some photos of you with your folks/siblings/bridesmaids etc.

We stick to our relaxed, natural style, even for the group photos, so they’re not stiff or awkward and we don’t take forever lining people up. We just gather the right people together, get them to look in our general direction and smile. We keep things moving so you can get to the canapés & fizz.


Full Day Coverage.


A wedding without the prep would be like going to your favourite restaurant and skipping the starter. We arrive a couple of hours before your ceremony, to capture the pre-wedding buzz and excitement. It’s a great chance to meet and chat to your closest family and friends, so by the time we get to the big stuff they know who we are and feel really comfortable having us around.


So let’s put on our classics & we’ll have a little dance shall we?! We love a party and we get involved on the dance floor. We’re not the types to disappear 10 mins after your First Dance. We like to stay for a good hour or so of shape-throwing. It ain’t over ’til somebody’s attempted the worm!

So that’s it in a nutshell. There are a lot of words here, so well done if you’ve made it this far! We can only describe so much & to be honest the best way to get a real feel for how we tell a story and the type of photos you’ll receive, is to dig deep into our portfolio of images. Take a look at the Photography and Films Pages, follow us on Instagram and get in touch if you’d like to see some full wedding galleries and slideshows. We hope you like what you see!