Associate Shooter Independent Contractor Agreement

General Terms
I agree to work with Red on Blonde Photography as an independent contractor. By signing this document I agree to accept the contracted rate of service for the specified fee. I agree to the number of hours worked, deliverables and travel arrangements for the specified fee. Any questions about fees, payment arrangements and all expectations regarding the event must occur by e-mail or be put in writing, signed, and dated.

Ownership of Images

All rights to images taken at any event are the sole property of Red on Blonde Photography. The contract with the client for publication of their images is with Red on Blonde Photography only. Photos may only be used by the Associate Photographer with written permission from Red on Blonde Photography and at the discretion of Red on Blonde Photography.

I agree to be professional, respectful, polite, courteous, and deferential to all participants at all times. I will be punctual. If for any reason I can no longer work at the agreed event I will inform Red on Blonde Photography immediately, with as much notice as possible. In the event of an emergency I will help Red on Blonde to find a replacement photographer to cover my absence. I will only promote Red on Blonde Photography at this event. I will not promote my personal photography business at any time before, throughout, or after the wedding. I will not hand out personal business cards or mention my photography business name or that I have my own business.

Delivering of Image Cards.

I will shoot with provided memory cards only unless otherwise agreed with Red on Blonde Photography. I will return these cards immediately after the wedding and before departing the event. I will not take personal images of the wedding.

I agree to wear professional dress as stated in this contract. Red on Blonde attire is business casual (trousers and shirt or dress) with smart, dark coloured shoes or appropriate trainers.

If the wedding is cancelled Red on Blonde agrees to notify the Associate Photographer immediately. Any travel expenses incurred by the Associate will be paid. Other monies will not be owed unless Red on Blonde Photography has received the client’s balance payment and this is non-refundable.

Confirmation of contract acceptance*