Wedding Schedule

It’s the final countdown! We’re super excited for your wedding.

Please complete your wedding day schedule below with the addresses & timings for your day. We’ve put together a reminder of some important information to keep in mind for your wedding. Any advice we offer is based on our experience & we offer it with much love, to help you get the very best from us. Thanks so much for taking the time to read it. We hope you find it helpful. We’ll give you a call a week or two before your wedding, once we’ve received your completed schedule, to go over any details and just have a catch up. Please do get in touch via email if you have any questions before then.

Wedding Morning

It’s always worth reminding your parents / bridesmaids / ushers etc. that we’ll be rocking up with our cameras in the morning, just to make sure everybody’s wearing something they feel comfortable being photographed in. As for most of the day, we’ll be shooting in a reportage, storytelling style and taking candid photos of all the prep action. As a rule what we see tends to be in the photos, so if you don’t want pairs of pants / cardboard boxes etc. as your backdrop it’s a good idea to do a sweep & remove some clutter before we arrive.

Two Photographers – Distances permitting, Hannah is usually with the groom & Toby will be with the bride on your wedding morning. We’ll arrive around 2 hours before you need to leave for your ceremony. Please arrange for Hannah to have a lift with the groomsmen to your ceremony, as Toby will have our car.

Single Photographer – Toby will mostly be hanging out with one half of the wedding party. If you’re both getting ready at the same location or really close-by, he may have chance to pop out and get some shots of the other side, too.

Group & Family Photographs

We’re very happy to take some more traditional portraits of you & your families / the bridal party. The best time for these is usually just after your ceremony. We often go straight into groups after confetti throwing, as everybody is gathered together, which makes things nice & slick. We strongly recommend that you keep the number of groups to a maximum of 8 because we want you to have time to enjoy your day & these can often take longer than you’d imagine. Please allow 30 mins in your schedule for group photos. We ask you to nominate two group photo helpers on your schedule, who will be tasked with gathering the right people for us. It’s best to choose two people who will know each side of the family. Bridesmaids are mostly wearing heels & busy drinking champers, so a cousin with a loud voice is a good bet!

Bride & Groom Portraits

Please allow 30 mins before your wedding breakfast for us to take some gorgeous portraits of the two of you. The golden hour, just before sunset, can also be a magic time for portraits, so be prepared – we may steal you for 15 mins later in the evening to get those killer shots.


We’d really appreciate a cooked meal – it helps keep us on fire through your day. If a meal isn’t available please let us know beforehand & be aware that an hour will be taken to locate some food & re-charge. Hannah doesn’t eat meat, so fish or veggie options, please. Toby loves food & will eat anything! We’re not anti-social but we’d prefer to sit separately from your guests, as we’ll use this time to back-up our images & take some additional photos.

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