Firstly, a huge thank you for choosing us to shoot your wedding. We’re mega excited to be a part of your day!

We’ve put some information & advice together, which we hope you’ll find helpful whilst planning your wedding. Any advice we offer is based on our past experience & is to help you get the very best from us & the most awesome memories. Thanks for taking the time to read through it. If you’d like to ask our advice, or if you have any questions regarding timings or plans for your day, please don’t hesitate to get in touch & we’ll be happy to help. You’ll find a timeline of what to expect from us & when at the bottom of this page. We’ll send a link for you to complete your Online Schedule with addresses, contact details & the important timings of your day around 6 weeks before your wedding and we’ll book in a final meeting over Zoom (or in person if you’re local) around 2/3 weeks before your big day. Happy planning – we can’t wait!

Timings & Daylight

Please ensure that you allow time in your schedule for the group/family photos & bride-groom portraits during daylight hours. We work mostly with natural light and this will capture you & your guests at your most fabulous. For Winter weddings, we advise that you book an earlier slot for your ceremony, to give you (and us!) as much daylight as possible. Don’t forget the sun sets by 4pm in the Winter time & it can go dark even earlier than this (around 2/3pm some days!).

Arrivals & Departure Times

We’ll be with you around 2 hours before you need to leave for your Ceremony & we’ll head off around 1 hour after your First Dance. We’ll discuss the specifics of any wedding day logistics in our final meeting about 3 weeks before your wedding.

Wedding Morning

The morning buzz & excitement is always fun to capture and it’s a great time for us to meet your closest friends and family, have a chat and help them to feel extra comfortable having us and our cameras around. We work unobtrusively, chatting a little with you and your crew and taking lots of candid shots to tell this part of the story – champagne drinking, hair and make up prep, hitting the pub for a couple of pre-match beers…

We’ll arrive around 2 hours before you need to leave for your ceremony. If you’ve booked two shooters and we’re spending the morning in separate locations, please be aware that one of us might need a lift to your ceremony, as we will only have one car. If you’ve booked a solo photographer / videographer, they’ll mostly be hanging out with one of you ahead of the ceremony. If your partner is getting ready at the same location or really close by and timings allow, the photographer / videographer may have chance to pop and get a few shots of them, too.

It’s always worth reminding your parents / bridesmaids / best men etc. that we’ll be rocking up with our cameras in the morning & making sure everybody’s wearing something they feel comfortable being photographed or filmed in. With lots of people rushing around things can get a little busy & space may be at a premium. We shoot in a documentary style, so as a rule what we see tends to be in the photos, so if you don’t want pairs of pants / cardboard boxes etc. as your backdrop it’s a good idea to do a sweep & remove some clutter.

The most beautiful, flattering light is the natural light coming through windows. If you can find somewhere with plenty of natural light to get ready & ask your hair & make-up artist to set up near the window it can really help to create beautiful shots. It’s a good idea to think about having a nice hanger for your wedding dress, as it looks better in the background of shots.

Group & Family Photos

We’re very happy to take some more traditional portraits of you & your families. We do strongly recommend that you keep these to a maximum of 10 groups because we want you to have time to enjoy your day & these can often take longer than you’d imagine. Please allow approx. 5 mins for each group photograph in your schedule. We recommend that group shots are scheduled just after your ceremony or on arrival at your reception venue before guests have chance to wander too far and be distracted by the booze! We shoot in a documentary style for the rest of the day, so please ensure you include any VIPs in your group photos or they might not be included otherwise. For example, if you desperately want a shot with your godparents or your Uncle who’s travelled from Australia to be there, please don’t leave it to chance and assume we’ll guess who they are – write this on your schedule.


We’d love to take some gorgeous, natural portraits of the two of you. We usually schedule these in two short-ish windows. In the Summer months, the first is likely to be just before your guests are called to the wedding breakfast, so you don’t miss out on too much reception action. Please allow approx. 20 mins for these. The second mini session would be during golden “hour”, when the sun is setting, which can be a magic time for portraits, so be prepared – we may steal you for 10-15 mins later in the evening to get those killer shots. The golden hour portraits are heavily dependent on the weather & geography of the landscape, so we’ll be on the lookout and will let you know if there’s a chance to capture these.


We’d be super grateful if you could provide us with a cooked meal to be served during the wedding breakfast. Your caterers will hopefully be used to this and usually serve us once your guests are tucking into their main meal. Hannah doesn’t eat meat, so fish or veggie options, please. Toby is down with whatever. We’re not anti-social but we’ll need to sit separately from your guests, as we’ll use this time to back-up our images & maybe take some additional shots around the venue. Thank you!

Whats Next

The next big step in your photo / film journey will come around 6 weeks before your wedding when you’ll complete our Online Wedding Schedule. Once we receive your completed form we’ll organise a final meeting with you to catch up and go over some more detailed plans. If you want to chat before this or have any questions you can book in a call during our office hours or fire over an email.

Couples Shoots

It’s not too late to add a couples shoot to your package – you’ll get some awesome shots of the two of you for your wall & it’s a great chance to meet up, chat about your wedding & help you to feel more relaxed in front of the camera. If you’ve already booked a Couples Shoot as part of your package we’ll be in touch soon to arrange a date.


You can order one of our beautiful Fine Art Albums at any time before or after your wedding. They’re the perfect way to remember your wedding day & each collection is designed by us, so you’ll receive a bespoke wedding storybook. You can find out more here.


8 Weeks to go

Your final balance is due, please. We’ll send you an invoice, so no need to worry about setting a reminder.

4 Weeks to go

We’ll send a link to complete your online Wedding Schedule

2 Weeks to go

Our final meeting over zoom/phone to catch up & go over the details of your day

1 Week Later

A sneaky peek of some photos

8 Weeks Later

Photo time! Your slideshow and full gallery will go live.

14 Weeks Later

Film day! Get the popcorn out, its showtime.