Woodthorpe Hall – Tipi Wedding, Sheffield

“Oh mmmyyyyy goddddd!!! We absolutely love them!”

This wedding is on fire… literally! Lucy & Chris are friggin awesome & they aced the toppermost of the wedding scale with their stunning wedding at Woodthorpe Hall near Sheffield last month. Tipis, a vintage Citroen H van, an outdoor ceremony in a cider press, Netheredge pizzas (you NEED to try these!) & here comes the fire bit… a bonfire in a shopping trolley. Hell yeah!

I’d been with the boys in the morning, whilst Toby photographed the girls, so my first glimpse of Lucy was when she peered round the hedge, ready to walk to her groom. I may just have shed a few tears at how beautiful she looked. Holy moly, Chris, you’re one lucky guy!

So, here it is, folks. A wedding with some true Northern soul. We’re so excited to share it with you… be inspired!

Special thanks to Peak Tipis, Percy & Lily’s Street Food, Campbell’s Flowers, SJ Cake Studio & The Vintage Tableware Company. You all rock!


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